Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Coaches Corner Exclusive: Every Dollar Matters

Lots of us go throughout our lives without ever having any instruction on how to save or spend money. In reality, saving and spending money are just two sides of the same coin. We can either save money now so we can spend it in the future, or we exchange money now for something we want in the present. 

It’s worth exploring what money lessons our family consciously or unconsciously may have taught us. We might find there are financial practices worth reconsidering today. Does what we think and feel about money serve our best interests right now? Or are there some pre-existing money ideas and feelings we may be ready to change?

No matter how much money we make, we can take control of it by deciding what we value most and what we are willing to sacrifice to get it. It is very helpful during this process to remember:

Every dollar only spends once.

If we spend a dollar, it is no longer ours to spend on something else. This is painfully obvious but think about how this reality plays out in our daily choices. With a little planning beforehand, we can:

  1. Figure out what we want most, so we do not spend our dollars on things of lesser value to us.

  1. Then we can save for what we want most, wait for a price drop, and in the meantime, do some research on the best way to make the purchase and maintain the item. A little known fact is that we can enjoy anticipating the purchase as much as actually making the purchase.

  1. In this way, we can more easily live within our income while avoiding unnecessary debt, as much as possible.

Remember, every dollar only spends once!

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Your Financially Fit Coaches

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