Monday, August 30, 2021

Consistency is Key!

What are some things that you believe to be a constant in your life? Whether it’s lifting weights once a day or journaling or going through the Starbucks drive-thru, there are certain things that, we as individuals, create consistent habits out of. At Financially Fit Me (FFMe), we recognize the importance of being consistent, especially with our finances. Prioritizing lifting weights every day and maintaining your physical health is arguably just as important as maintaining your financial health. FFMe is a great service that allows individuals to prioritize their financial health. Our online functionality is great for allowing members to consistently check their finances and ensure their financial future is healthy.

We recognize that creating a habit dedicated to checking your finances may be difficult to jump into. An article posted by Simple Money Man (SMM) lists some ways you can ensure consistency or at least build healthy financial habits. For example, SMM suggests automation. Whether it’s saving a certain percentage from every paycheck or investing money into your 401K, automating payments may be a helpful way to set aside some money without even having to think about it! If automation may not be the most effective way to go right now, SMM also suggests setting calendar reminders, which will notify you every time you need to do a financial task. 

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Written By: Your Financially Fit Me Team 

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